Friday, August 17, 2007

It's a Girl!!!! :D

We had our third visit to the doctor today, and he had some exciting news for us...Baby Hall is a girl! Everyone is doing just great...Charlotte has everything she's supposed to have - two arms, legs, hands, and feet, her heart beat is strong, and apparently (because I couldn't really tell on the ultrasound), all of her organs are in there :)

We are so happy that she is healthy and happy (she waved hello to us! ok maybe exactly not but let's pretend). Both grandmas headed straight for the mall to begin stockpiling pink :) and everyone is ready to meet her!!

The ONLY unfortunate thing is that the ultrasound pictures are not that great, so we don't have a good one to post. Trust us that we have evidence of a true tarheel foot, her face, her hand waving, and without-a-doubt proof that she's, well, a she!!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

MTV...I mean Hall Cribs

So here is a picture of our nursery!! Just kidding. But it really is a picture of Baby Hall's crib. Thanks to my parents, we already have two "baby furniture" dressers! AKA, my baby furniture from 26 years ago that stayed with me all the way through college and beyond. Josh and I figure if it can last that long, it can make it through another round as "baby furniture." We really love this's so beautiful/handsome (depending on what we have, haha) and will convert into toddler, day, and full-size beds as well.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007


Beginning today, Baby Hall will experience the joy of a break from grad school!! Oops, did I write Baby Hall? I meant myself there...typo! ;)

And as of today, I am 4 months along! I'd post a "bump" picture, but it would just look like me after Christmas or Thanksgiving (my two favorite holidays, coincidentally) dinner. I'm hoping she or he will pop on out there soon! That way, I can stop feeling like a dork for already wearing my maternity pants (which my mom and Josh's mom have so kindly purchased for me...thank you both so much!!). Even after I am (hopefully) back to something near my "normal" size, I am going to bust those bad boys out anytime I go to the following places: Carrabba's, Olive Garden, Outback, my parent's house for popcorn and a movie (my dad makes amazing popcorn and I always eat about 5 bowls of it-no exaggeration), any Mexican restaurant, or anywhere else where I plan on eating a gigantic meal because the pants are amazingly comfy.

We are, and I don't know if anxious is the right word, maybe curious to see how the dogs are going to handle everything. For some bizarre reason, we think Sweet Pea will actually be fairly protective of the baby...she's already had to learn to share us with Maverick, so this should be an extreme version of that. The one we're a little concerned about is Maverick. Erin C and I were talking the other day (you know this is headed somewhere that is based in reality but far from it) about Maverick stalking the baby and me, coming into our rooms at night with kitchen knives in his mouth and staring us down while we sleep. Wow, I really just typed that sentence-somehow over the phone it was extremely funny. Although now that I picture it again, it's still funny. I guess if you are reading this blog, you know me and my sense of humor, so enough qualifying.

Around here it is the calm before the storm of buying. Being paid 10 months instead of 12 months is nice during the school year, but when you want to buy The Perfect Glider(!) or The Perfect Crib (!) and have no money it is annoying...hurry up August 31st! :) Since we are on one salary for the summertime (savings aside, of course I have to type that so when my banker hubby reads this he won't freak) we have held off on buying Anything yet except a couple of baby books (and yes, I'm a librarian and fully support the borrowing of reading material over the purchase of it, but everyone should have a home library, and these are not the books you need to go check out when you wake up in the middle of the night baffled as to when you actually need to buy a high chair or how will you know one rash that will go away from another rash that will have a permanent and horrible outcome? You definitely want to have that book in your house, 24/7/365-yes I just wrote that- with no late fees, or restocking fees as they are now called at Blockbuster haha). Anyway, back to buying things. I think Josh is equally excited and terrified of finding out what we're having, because he knows then I will not be able to walk by baby clothing and not buy-or try to buy-something. So keep him in your prayers, poor man. There will be no stopping myself and a few other women from BuyingBabyClothingLand (EU and I were discussing the amazingness of adding "land" or "ville" to other words or phrases...another TimMeulhoffAceElla for those of you that remember).

I mean, what else can you write after that?