Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Bike Day at WEE School!

It was really fun! Both kids did a great job on their bikes! After Emory, Nana and I left, the Chick-fil-A cow brought lunch for all of the preschoolers :)

Mother's Day :)

We enjoyed a veeeerry relaxed Mother's Day, we went to the pool, rested, and had a cookout with our small group from church. Thanks to both of our moms for letting "the mom in the trenches" have a restful day! 

Reading Whiz :D

Miss Charlotte Hall is on level I for her reading!! We are so proud of (but not one bit surprised at) how well she has done in school!

"the park where a goose bit Liam"

 Also known as Colonel Beatty Park ;) A couple years ago a goose got bold with Liam (I may have ended up kicking it... maybe..) and so they always refer to it by this name when they want to go there :) It was Josh's first trip to this park and we had fun! They love to go to the big "beach" aka volleyball court by the playground :)


Kindergarten Program!

jeans in the back..I guess that will happen a lot with our tall kids..

Praise the Lord this hair spray washed right out! Em just got a spritz on the front, but Charlotte's whole head was covered! They had fun, though. :)  Hot Guy photo bombing, too!!

They are pretty great.

Fire Pit Fun :)

let's be honest. all anyone cares about in smores is the chocolate. add in some cheese straws and wine and its a yummy night ;)

playing some made-up game (one of a thousand) that involves these two chairs :)