Thursday, December 31, 2009

Reading with Maw-Maw

Charlotte loves her Maw Maw and books! What a great combo!!

Peanut Paintshop!

In case you haven't clicked on the Peanut Paintshop link, here are two adorable reasons to do so! One of my college roomies and a dear lifelong friend (and probably the counterpart grandmother to some of my future grandchildren) painted these for their rooms. Needless to say, we love them!! Thanks a million, Rogue!

These Aren't Posed AT ALL! ;)

Liam gave us such a great smile, we thought hey...let's get Charlotte to take a matching one...except we were giving her too much direction and our "photo shoot" got confusing for a two year old. She did great :)

Sexy Santa

Liam, don't be mad. When you have kids, you'll take these pictures too. Or maybe your wife will, but still.

Sweet Smiles


There is a great park close to my parent's house that Charlotte loves (and Liam will too, when he can play. For now he just models his cossack hat in the stroller). She loves swinging, sliding, running, and playing with Nana!


Sweet Sleepies

Liam was putting out the vibe in between diaper/outfit changes...and since we took pics of Charlotte in our king-size, we had to do a repeat performance with the boy. Ladies under 1 year old, I'll be taking girlfriend applications when you all learn how to write.

Liam "borrowed" my dad's toboggan cap at the park. Mom and I called him our little Russian all afternoon!

Sweet Girl passed out with her shoes on one day..what a cutie!!

Post-Bath Fun :)

She loves lotion and thinks anything that vaguely resembles it is also called lotion. she booked it from the hallway tub to our bathroom to retrive this "Lotion, Mama!!!"


Our family of Ladybugs! Josh's youngest cousin and Charlotte were both ladybugs and we didn't know it until we met up at Jared and Lindsay's Halloween night!

This was the night she figured out what candy is and pitched a fit every time we went up to a new house and she had to take one sucker out of her hand in order to receive another piece! lol. Funny girl, you'll have it down pat next year :D

Phone Pictures!!

Small Group Kiddos (and a few more are on the way/not pictured!)

Friday, December 18, 2009

Family Picture!

Our first "official" family picture!!

*of course, Charlotte picked this morning to be the one where she would be extremely contemplative and refuse to smile. Hence the expression on her me when I say this was the best one of the lot.

**also, this is a ghetto "picture of a picture" please excuse the blurriness :p

***also, I just realized it looks like Josh is good gaming me. I asked him about this and he said he actually became aware of this during the photo shoot and moved his hand, but then the 15 minutes where we were actually choosing the picture were so crazy that neither of us thought to look for that..we were just looking at faces and stuff and didn't notice. Hahaha!


This is one last hurrah of 2009..a decent snow! We were on our way home from getting the annual Christmas picture made when it started, and now we have over 2 inches of snow!! This is the first real snow that Charlotte has been able to enjoy, and she had a blast :D

Thursday, December 17, 2009


That is what we told Charlotte to say while she sat in front of the tree. Needless to say, we have a good picture of what her teeth looked like at 2 years old. My goodness! We created a caption for this picture: "heeechh" (make a vampire cat hissing sound). Gotta love her. :D


Maybe the most angry santa ever, but still. He is screaming so hard he made himself come up out of a seated position. Too funny. When he wasn't screaming, it was precious!! Thanks Aunt Lindsay for this adorable outfit! He'll be wearing it Christmas night if it still fits. :)


I have been excited about this since January, when I found out I was preggers....Matching Outfits!! This picture was taken at the end of a 45 minute nap day...(read:fussy toddler), so it turned out surprisingly decent.

Future Mama

Charlotte loves her baby dolls, and loves to mimick me...this usually involves getting the mini boppy pillow from her old tummy time mat and one of Liam's bottles, or getting one of my currently unused purses (diaper bag is it most days :)) and strolling her baby doll stroller while talking on an old dead cell phone.

This picture is how I found her one day upon returning from changing Liam's diaper.