Saturday, September 26, 2009

The kiddos lovin' on one another!

This probably won't get printed and put on any desks at BB&

Mommy's New Man

the very true words from a onesie of Liam's...

Liam Edward Hall

Well, Josh did the first post for Charlotte, so I'll do the first one about Liam!

Everything was basically the answer "yes" to a prayer of ours...

Lord, could the induction go smoothly?... YES
Lord, could I have a PERFECT epidural?... YES
Lord, could I have a shorter labor?... YES
Lord, could Liam be healthy and happy?... YES
Lord, could he weigh less than 9 Lbs?... YES (but barely. he came in at 8 Lbs, 12.4 oz! 21.5 inches long)
Lord, could Charlotte be loving to Liam?...YES
Lord, could we have a better overnight experience in the recovery suite?... YES
Lord, could we have really nice nurses for the whole time (including lactation?)... YES

Okay, you get the idea. Basically, from 4:00 am on Thursday everything has gone so smoothly (except for the Carolina game, apparently), it has been surreal. Liam is perfect, healthy, adorable, darling...pretty much just like his sister in every way except the diaper region. :) Josh and I feel so blessed, not only by our children, but by our loving family and friends who have most importantly prayed for us, and also physically taken care of us and Charlotte this week and in the weeks to come.

Y'all know where to find us, so come over and see the newest "title" put out by McGraw-Hall Publishing Co.

Now on to a few pictures... :D

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Beach Trip # 2

Well, these 4 pictures are what happens when you bring the wrong memory card and it only allots 4 images...we actually had an amazing time. Relaxing, family time, ocean time (first time in the waves for Charlotte!), great was a blast! Next time we hit the beach, we'll be a family of 4!

Charlotte loved the hot tub at our fake hotel (aka the one we sneak into for the heated pool :)) Don't worry, the hot tub was NOT "hot" ...more like "lukewarm bathwater tub" which was much more our speed.


Also, a belly pic! perhaps the last one (doubt we'll be having a photo shoot at the hospital at 3:30 AM on Thursday before I get induced!)...