Monday, October 31, 2011

Back Yard FUN!!

Nana and Poppy's house got an upgrade in the back yard last week!!  They installed this slide and climbing wall off of their deck. I even need to write that the kids LOVE it?!  It rocks!!  The slide ends right in their "Castle" tree, which is awesome.  :D  Thanks, Nana and Poppy!!

Halloween 2011!

Well, here is the cutest Tinkerbell ever, and Captain Hook (since Peter Pan was vetoed by a certain daddy of our household who shall remain nameless...) looking his most handsome!!  We also trekked up for our book club halloween party (even though we were all soo under the weather).  We had a great time and it was great to see all our friends..but the kids were D-O-N-E by 1:00 so we had to hit the road home... :/

Excuse the terrible pics..if I can track someone else's down where some of the kids aren't cut out I will! 

Eye Doctor

Miss Hollywood here had just had her pupils dialated..hence the amazing throw-away sunglasses.  Charlotte had a check up for her eye alignment (recommended at her last well visit), and everything came out great!! Perfect vision and no problems with the alignment!!  We think ol' Bud Bud is good to go on vision, too.. It could be miss Emory that follows in Erin's footsteps instead of Josh's..we'll see! (no pun intended ;p)

Sick Nap

We've all had a terrible cold this week...poor kiddos.  But it has made for some cute Donald Duck voices and extra snuggles..  Mr. Liam conked out hard one day for naptime ~ didn't even make it to the bed.  :/

Beach Babymoon!

After we went to CH to meet Harrison, Josh and I took off on a little "babymoon" to just rejuvenate ourselves before we are officially parents of 3!!  We did nothing but get Starbucks, take it to the beach and sit under a blanket (our view each morning pictured below), eat, shop a little, and go on like, 7 dates!! :D
It was really wonderful, and as always, we are so grateful to our sweet family for letting us use the beach house!!


It was sooo amazing to finally hold my sweet nephew, Harrison Cole!!  All I can write without crying is that we are so grateful to God for bringing all three Smiths back from Colorado!!  Love you all!! Praise the Lord!!! :D


It definitely took these two a while to figure out how to actually play with leaves...our old yard didn't really have a lot of big leafy trees for them to learn..haha!  but they got the hang of it :)

Game Day!!

We figured it might be a while before we make it back up for a game, so we decided to take one of Josh's friends up on a generous offer of tickets and a parking pass (a must for a very pregnant lady)!  We had a ball, and saw a winning game!!  The kids loved it :D


Our second trip to Asheville this year was a whirlwind, but it was such an sweet and treasured time for us. We had perfect weather and got to see all of the outdoor activities ~ gardens, animals, little village below the inn, etc. We had such a great time that I barely took any pics, but here is one of the kids :)

Monday, October 17, 2011


Not sure when this was...we are at the "horses" at Concord Mills. :)

Sword Silliness!

Oh my gosh I laughed so hard loading this.  Sorry about the fussing at the end~came off a sounding a little harsh b/c I was trying to make my voice stop laughing still.  My new favorite part is Liam's "sword is totally still, head is going back and forth" contribution to the event!!  When he came running in here to see the video he heard playing, he looked at the screen and said "where's my pants?" haha Funny Sweeties!!