Friday, November 21, 2008

Winter Warmth

Charlotte will be sure to stay warm in this hat/mitten combo this winter! She actually does not mind wearing it, miracle of miracles! I think she likes the feel of the fuzz :) I just wish it looked cuter. It would be fun to dress her up in something cute for once..Oh well, function over fashion, I suppose! haha

Toy Overload

Mama, I've got all these toys..which one should I play with first?

(she pulled all these out and then crawled away to play with a tag off of a new shirt. yea...)


Charlotte is a fearless adventurer... She will explore a dark hallway, walking along and babbling either "dadadada" or "heeeee, heeeee."

Josh and I are both excited by her when we have to leave a room, she doesn't cry~she just follows along! She is so happy about being able to move around can just tell watching her that she is proud of herself and having a ball..(not too far off what her parents look like haha).

Oops the end of the clip is what was on the tape before (and is already burned onto a DVD~not erased).


Charlotte has so much fun taking her bath ~her antics are so if she wasn't already!!