Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Bike Day at WEE School!

It was really fun! Both kids did a great job on their bikes! After Emory, Nana and I left, the Chick-fil-A cow brought lunch for all of the preschoolers :)

Mother's Day :)

We enjoyed a veeeerry relaxed Mother's Day, we went to the pool, rested, and had a cookout with our small group from church. Thanks to both of our moms for letting "the mom in the trenches" have a restful day! 

Reading Whiz :D

Miss Charlotte Hall is on level I for her reading!! We are so proud of (but not one bit surprised at) how well she has done in school!

"the park where a goose bit Liam"

 Also known as Colonel Beatty Park ;) A couple years ago a goose got bold with Liam (I may have ended up kicking it... maybe..) and so they always refer to it by this name when they want to go there :) It was Josh's first trip to this park and we had fun! They love to go to the big "beach" aka volleyball court by the playground :)


Kindergarten Program!

jeans in the back..I guess that will happen a lot with our tall kids..

Praise the Lord this hair spray washed right out! Em just got a spritz on the front, but Charlotte's whole head was covered! They had fun, though. :)  Hot Guy photo bombing, too!!

They are pretty great.

Fire Pit Fun :)

let's be honest. all anyone cares about in smores is the chocolate. add in some cheese straws and wine and its a yummy night ;)

playing some made-up game (one of a thousand) that involves these two chairs :)


...we do games and crafts outside ;)

...and sometimes we pout. hardcore.

Modeling new sunglasses and Easter outfits from MawMaw :)

Spring Break trip to Mountains!

fun at a family favorite park..

who said we couldn't play in the sand just b/c we went west instead of east?

We stayed on Beech Mountain, thanks to a great Groupon deal, and there was a wonderful recreation center and hiking trail and lake! We spent hours here having a ball!!

"rope park"


fun hike with perfect combo of ease/challenge for our group!

fun little pool at the waterfall

I can't believe Liam didn't jump in this one! :/

family selfie that made the newsletter for the rec center!

Emory took her love for ranch dressing to the next level

playing a rousing round of Uno in our hotel suite!

our wonderful "transitional style" (haha wink wink) hotel! old but great!

getting some orangeades at the tanger Kilwin's

lunch at Dan'l Boone!

Liam almost cried when the waiter took the unfinished stewed apples. Home boy was loving those!

Our third and final park of the trip!

Our Moment of Fame ;)