Thursday, July 23, 2009

Soo, names and "the shuga"

Well, all jokes aside, I have gestational diabetes. At first this was terrifying and I was so angry. But after having some time (and a special class to learn how to monitor it), I'm feeling much better about the whole thing.

And that's all I have to say about that. (Slingblade, anyone?)

Also...we've begun to settle on a name. As you can see above, we've decided it will be Liam Edward.

Tomorrow we're off to the queen city for some catch-up time with the McGraws! I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Of course, I won't leave you without any pictures...Charlotte was feeding herself (as you can tell) and we thought she was doing a good job, so we, um, relaxed our attention, for a couple minutes over dinner and this is the result. Yes, I know everyone has these, so it's basically our duty -to the milestone of "spaghetti face" - that we are fulfilling through these pictures. :D

Sunday, July 5, 2009


Well, I previously mentioned the bedding for the "new" nursery, and here are some pictures of the (still nameless) boy's first room here. Also, Charlotte is in her new bed (two nights and two naps so far! Pray for a continuation of good sleeping habits, please) and here are some pics of her re-done room (wall decor still to come! We will probably visit the peanut paintshop for that! (see link in sidebar)

Also, as she enters her toddler years, so the tantrums enter our lives..geeeez. Here she is in time-out. (Siiike, this is posed. As if she would sit still for time-out).

We also decided we had enough time with our orchids in the hallway bathroom, so we took advantage of the 4th of July (Happy Independence Day, everyone!) sale at Kohl's and re-did the bathroom. Next stop: our once cream, now brown comforter which refuses to cooperate with cleaning methods).

Pool Time!

Now we can say our home comes with an above-ground pool! Nana and Poppy brought this fun surprise up with them one weekend in June, and we've been having a blast with it ever since. Charlotte loves the whale side, going back and forth between the two areas of the pool, and trying to use the dolphin spout as a water fountain. So Fun!

Charlotte and Alivia

We attended a friend's wedding recently (contrary to the Bride's belief, we WERE there :D!) and we were able to host two sets of friends at my parents house! It was fun house-sitting, enjoying the huge tv, and just getting good hang out time with people we don't get to see enough.

Charlotte and Alivia honed their hugging skills some, too. Too Cute!!

Big Baby Thugs...Hup Wit It!

Charlotte loves purses, bags, suitcases, briefcases, etc. Her Maw Maw even got her a little baby Vera Bradley for Easter ~ it's too cute. Here she is with a backpack-style diaper bag. It looks like she's all grown up and ready for school!

Also, she loves fleece. Even in the heat of summer, she loves to put on a fleece hoodie that her Nana and Poppy got her this past winter. This time (I don't know if you can really tell), she also wanted to put her sunglasses on. You can tell that the parent's high school is passed down genetically. Our little thug! :)

Owen..not the name, but a funny story

So, early in this pregnancy (before we found out the sex of the baby), I had a dream that we'd waited to find out until I delivered.. In the dream, the doctor says: "It's a boy!!" and we simultaneously said: "It's Owen!!"

Fast forward to when we found out it is a boy..I go upstairs to retrieve the baby boy bedding I purchased on clearance when I was pregnant with Charlotte (on the chance she was a boy and before they sold out and we could never buy this adorable bedding again!) that we can now finally put to use :)

Josh starts dying laughing and we go and look at the name of the bedding (Pottery Barn Kids names each collection a child's name), and this one is called....Owen Toile! hahahahahahaha :)