Sunday, September 16, 2012

Josh's Phone: Christmas 2011

Random in the sequence.. I guess we should upload our pictures more often haha!

Josh's Phone: MawMaw and PawPaw's House!

Fun times swimming with their cousin :)

Josh's Phone: Climbing a tree!!

Josh's Phone: Mike and Emily's!!

Watermelon: a lake tradition!

Enjoying the awesome deck!!

Enjoying a little sunset outing on the boat!!

Josh's phone: Trips to Chapel Hill!

doughnuts with Daddy and Josh during Harrison's Shower! (Feb)

Exploring their future college campus

future model of Tar Heel apparel


must-do Old Well shot


At Meet the Heels after Harrison's Birthday!! (Sept)

Hot Day!

From Josh's Phone: July 4th 2012

For the 4th, we had dinner with Mom's side of the family at their house, then drove downtown to watch some fireworks!! A super fun night :)

Saturday, September 15, 2012

First Day of the Second Year of Preschool!!

Charlotte is in Ms. Katrina's 3 day 4 year olds class!! Loving it so far!!



Loving that passy!

No resemblence to Mommy ;)


snuggling with daddy!

Hey there!!


Um. can you pick me up?

I'm sad!! siiiike!!

sad, again!

snuggle buddy!

happy girl :)

pots and pans. :)

can't get the Le Creuset out, so I'll get in!!

Teething... beautiful brown eyed girl!


I love the chocolate cheerio I found on the floor!! :D