Thursday, April 22, 2010

Front Yard with Her Favorite Dress...

Had to put this one in the series...haha! I love this girl.

Back Yard with Her Favorite Dress...

up close and personal..

we're in trouble if this is her current "smile at mommy" because we're planning on doing Portrait Innovations soon and don't want to pay $80 bucks to have a bunch of non smiles..although somehow this is still precious.

"prayer time" (aka: refusing to look at me)

Park Day with Daddy!

We all had so much fun..and since we practically had the place to ourselves, it was even better! (and yes, those are my glasses on Liam..we have since purchased some in his size, which oddly enough he refuses to wear..)

Easter Egg Hunt (#2 of 3)

I'm sure next year Liam will be out there as well! Charlotte did great with a little help from Daddy.

Disney Live!

We had an awesome time at the show with the Byrds!! Charlotte's favorite part was definitely "Lella" (Cinderella) a mile!!

Princess Swim Suit!

On our way across the street to enjoy some pool time with the neighbors!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Butter Bee!

"It's a butter bee!! Butter bee! Bumble Bee!"

Well, she worked it out by the third time. Insects..why are all their names so similar?