Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Funny Quotes

Liam said the funniest thing the other day..siiike. No worries, Charlotte is saying enough funny things to cover his lack of, er, verbal prowess..

Sitting on the couch after a nap while having her snack, she announces: "I like boom boom pow. Like boom boom pow." funny thing is, we don't listen to the radio that much. (also, she had a melt down in the car last week because "poka face" wasn't on the radio. she's never heard that song, just heard us making fun of it).

On the way to a friend's house today, we crossed over another street going uphill in their neighborhood ~details provided so you'll understand I wasn't going fast..uphill in a neighborhood, right?! ~ and as we cross over the intersection, she said "YEE HAW!!" I thought my goodness, am I going fast enough to simulate her rocking horse (where she says "yee haw" normally?) ?? I think not. But it was hilarious.

One more...her birthday created a monster. 1st birthday she barely even looked at her cake, making for a somewhat less than momentous "cake face" experience. 2nd birthday is a totally different ballgame. Anytime she sees gift bags, balloons, or hears the word party, she starts asking for cake. Poor thing never gets any b/c if we kept cake in this house ~wait, that sentence is grammatically incorrect...we'd NEVER keep cake in this house longer than the time it took for me to eat it!