Monday, June 27, 2011

Kids Swimming at the Preserve

They are awesome!!

Charlotte at the Beach :)

Beach Park :)

I love how she is just getting down on the ground when he falls! Unity!!

Garners Visit!!

To kick off our first weekend living downtown, Kevin, Kindra (Quenra as Liam called her), and Alivia came for a visit!  We had a blast!! We reserved the little mini movie theater here at our complex and watched Tangled, went to Latta Park, and explored uptown a little! But most of all, we spent some real quality time with great people we are thrilled to call our dear friends!!

The Preserve at Ballantyne Commons

Here are some pictures of our 1st apartment (April 27-June 22nd) in Charlotte!  It was wonderful to have the pool so accessible, and be soo close to a SuperTarget!  What isn't pictured is Charlotte's bedroom, which adjoined to the wall (also not pictured) on the right side of this first picture.

1st Swim Lesson!!

She did so great!  They barely did anything, and I think this had to do with their normal teacher not being there.  It was so precious though, and Liam actually cheered for her some!

Beach Trip June 2011

Well, here is a recap of our trip to the beach this year...  (this will be all words, pics are below.. I just want the play by play for down the road, so feel free to skip a long blog entry with no cute pictures!)

We were soo happy to be able to head down earlier than expected, so we hit the road Saturday during naptime, and got a good chunk of the trip over before the kids woke up! As soon as we unpacked, we headed to Broadway at the Beach to eat dinner with Josh's Uncle Scott and Aunt Tina!  We had a blast eating at Margaritaville and walking around the shops there. We stopped for a while at the playground so the kids could work off some energy before heading home to get everyone settled. After we left Broadway, Charlotte was a little antzy about seeing the ocean, so we stopped at the beach for a quick "toes in the sand" before heading to the house.

When we got back to the beach house, we discovered we'd forgotten the pack n Liam upgraded to a big boy bed that night!! He has done a great job since the first time :D Big Boy!!

Then Sunday we hit the beach all morning, grabbed some of our favorite pizza at Basil's, and headed home for naps.  Then, since we weren't sure we would get any sunny weather since they were calling for thunderstorms all week, we headed to Myrtle Waves Water Park!  It was awesome and we were able to do even more than we thought we would (b/c of the kids heights). :D  After we closed the place down, we were starving, and lo and behold, right across the street was Hard Rock Cafe!

On Monday, we did the beach thing all morning, had lunch and of course naptime, and then headed to the outlet mall where we found a little something for everyone. :)  Then it was off to another MB favorite: Carolina Roadhouse!! Yum :p   After dinner we went to a little fair they have on Ocean Drive. The kids had a blast on all of the little rides...and thank goodness we caught the teacup ride one cycle before someone threw up..yuck!

Tuesday held more beach in the morning!  Each day, the water was very calm, and the kids were able to go out with us past the waves breaking and float in the gentle water..soo fun! and so proud of our big swimmers for floating by themselves!  Then we went to a pool near the beach house and had a great time floating in the lazy river :)  I have been craving Japanese a lot lately, so we headed to Nakatos for dinner :D  The kids did well most nights at the restaurants, but this one was especially fun with the fire and "volcano" of onion and such :)

Wednesday we did the beach thing all day! All morning and then again after naptime. Then we got cleaned up and headed to the Spring House Family Restaurant for some "breakfast for dinner".. the kids enjoyed a chocolate chip pancake, and once the waitress figured out Josh wanted a sausage patty and not some disgusting Italian sausage thing, dinner was great!  Then we went over to Barefoot Landing to see the tigers :)

Thursday we kicked off things with a healthy breakfast at Krispy Kreme! The highlight was running into one of Josh's friends from Summer Project!  We got to meet their kids and then Josh and Ed made plans to get together after all the kids went to bed.  So glad they were able to catch up!  After breakfast, we went to the park to play and see the ducks and turtles, then beach in the afternoon, and some Atlanta Bread for supper (and free wi-fi, so I could download my new book onto my nook to read during Josh and Ed's reunion).

Friday we hit the beach once more (and can you believe it didn't rain one time the whole week?! Hurray for incorrect weather forecasting!), then cleaned up and loaded the car.  We had Basil's one last time (for this trip) and hit the road home.  Once again, kids napped a good chunk of the way and we had another smooth trip!  We had to leave Friday because Charlotte started swim lessons at the Y Saturday morning!! Soo cute, but that is another post.

We are so so incredibly grateful to Josh's grandparents for allowing us to use their house.  It is a wonderful place and we have so many fond memories of being there.  Thanks again for another wonderful family vacation!!

Beach Football!

Josh sent Liam over to this group of college kids to play up his cuteness and fangangle a football from one of the guys.  It was hilarious!  Josh, Liam and Ben (football owner) tossed the ol pigskin around for a while on the beach while I listened to 6 college girls talk about how cute our son is. didn't mind one bit! it was true!  Charlotte built a sand castle and tried to get a little attention from them as well, understandably.  So I obliged :) In my opinion, she was the most beautiful little girl at the beach :D

"In Bed"

She requested we do this daily!  I was just happy that at least 2 out of 3 of our kids don't mind sand literally covering every inch of skin! haha!

Josh and his construction crew

Josh and the kids went to build a sand castle...they were immediately joined by all these other children.  Then 3 moms went to stand near them...I'm sure they'd say they did that to make sure Josh wasn't some weirdo, but I know it was really just to get a closer look at his hotness. Sorry ladies, he is taken!!

Erin and 3 kids at Barefoot Landing

Yep, I am at that "is she pregnant or did she just eat waaay too much" stage of the pregnancy, and this is the only shot of me in weeks that doesn't look GROSS, so it is the only one making its way onto the blog. :)

Josh and Charlotte at Barefoot Landing

Sweet little Father-Daughter shot at Barefoot Landing  :) She is as sweet as she looks in this picture (80% of the time ;p)

Liam at Hard Rock

After we went to the Water Park on Sunday afternoon, we headed across the street to Broadway and ate at Hard Rock Cafe!  I've never been a huge fan of paying so outrageously for a burger, but after the water park, we were so hungry that it tasted amazing~really felt like we got our money's worth this time haha!  Also, you gotta love the sunscreened hair look on Liam..totally awesome.

Ice Cream Shoppe!

All he said anytime his mouth was empty was: "More!!"

Two Hunky Guys..

Completely Relaxed...

Frontal Sand Angel!

Totally Relaxed

chilling one last time in the pool at the Preserve... I didn't have any trouble with naptime right after this was taken haha!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Uptown Water Fun!

Charlotte enjoyed this last summer, so this time we came prepared: fresh diaper and clothes for everyone afterwards! Needless to say, they both were totally soaked by the time we needed to leave!

T Ball Video

Some live action of the T Ball outing!

Liam at Monkey Joe's

He loved this, mainly b/c he could do it all by himself!  (also, he thinks I'm taking a picture which is why he says "cheese" cutie pie!)

Gum, Anyone?

Double Trouble...

There will be a lock on our next pantry.. I tell Charlotte to get down b/c I wasn't sure it could hold both of their weights :)

Chicken Biscuit!

Charlotte saying her latest joke! AWESOME!!

Hot and Adorable!

Usually I'm talking about Josh when I use those two words together, but this time I'm referring to the weather and the kids.  We had to run a bunch of errands one day, and they did so great out and about that I got them some ice cream.  This was a little bench time outside the ice cream shop afterwards.

Sweet Friends!!

Our sweet neighbors came to visit us!! We felt so loved on~they drove almost 4 hours to hang out at the pool on Monday, and the kids had a blast!  Trent and Charlotte were the magic secret to encouraging each other to swim independently! It was awesome!  Plus, Liam got some time with his future wife, Brooklyn! (that is, if handsome Mr. Carter there in the middle doesn't put in a bid first, lol!  I might put my money on Carter with those curls!)  What a bunch of sweeties!!  Not pictured are their moms, who I miss SOOO much!! :/


she is working on a colorwonders marker masterpiece in this that girl!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

T Ball!!

So this weekend, we all headed out to ol'WallyWorld to get a "starter kit" of T Ball equipment... the cutest bat ever (well, the pink was was actually cuter but Josh wisely insisted we go as neutral as possible on the bat), a pink and white glove that is still a little big (we would have gotten the Boy one as well, but the tiniest glove they had was still ridiculously big on him), a pack of soft T balls, and a flimsy-but-the-only-one-they-had T ball stand. Oh my goodness they were precious!! And, even though they certainly aren't ready to join a team, they both displayed some natural coordination that was comforting to see :) We are both so proud of them! Josh also impressed me with his future T ball coaching skillz! He was so patient with them and they did just great :) Since most of my time was spent keeping the kid not with Josh from getting beaned in the head, there were not many photo ops, but here is a nice action shot of Charlotte! Looking forward to innumerable ball games to come!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

6 Years!!

Six years ago, tonight, I married the love of my life.  It has been such an incredible blessing, this marriage.  Josh is an amazing man, and I love him so much!! Happy Anniversary, Sweetie!  Looking forward to what the next six (times ten) years hold for us!!