Thursday, September 6, 2007

The "Bump"

Okay, so I've officially moved past "bump" to "how big will I be when I'm 39 weeks?"

Big brother Maverick has been very attentive you can see he stays right by my side when I'm at the sweet.

Josh and I also have some exciting news to go with this picture - we felt her move!! Last night was the first time I could be fairly certain that what I was feeling was more than my stomach rumbling!! Super fun. It's great to know she's doing her own little in-utero workout :) Unlike me...I've been doing zero utero or otherwise. Oh well. I'm leaving myself room to have a goal to achieve.

We also had fun registering over Labor Day weekend. It is definitely more fun than wedding registry! We registered at Babies R' Us...but if you decide to look it up, please understand that we are using our registry as a "things to buy" list for ourselves and do not expect (or want!) our friends and family to complete that process.