Friday, July 13, 2012


 a trap for Ariel
 officer Hall
 her outfit of choice: old Easter hat, tap shoes with no ribbons, and sparkle jeans with a pajama top. Love it!
 At the Ballet!! An Enchanted Wood (at Matthews theater)
 I asked her to put the shoes she had gotten out away, and this is what I found~a completely organized closet haha! love it!

 I'm not tired...
 Charlotte and her Poppy, doing Poppy's "surprised" face
picking a flower :) So sweet :)


 conked out
 handsome smile :)
 one leg of shorts haha!
 my "E!!"
 Handsome lil man!

 wonder where he got this... ;)
 Discovery Place!
 Big Boy :)
 Sleeeeeepy  (video is awesome)
sweet smile, poor exposure (oops)


snuggly sleepyhead

cheer up ;)
loves the Beco carrier!
so cute!
crawled right up under the end table
miss hollywood!

happy girl! (princess crown courtesy of big sis)


I'm heading upstairs!!



passed out while being held
rocked right to sleep
we had to move the crib bumper to the outside!
yummy little babycakes!!

accidentally sat up! (this was the first time)


Sorry if some of these are duplicates.. I'm trying to sort through a stinkin' ton of pictures, so forgive me if I repeat myself! If I thought it was cute once, chances are I might pick it again ;)
happy girl!!
not gorgeous, or anything...

love those legs!!