Sunday, March 23, 2008

From Easter Eggs to Wood Chippers...

Happy Easter everyone!!

This week we got to visit with Bryan, Nichole, and Addison on their way back from Kentucky, and we took a quick trip down to the QC to visit Nana and Poppy! VERY FUN~ We love all of you!!

This weekend was great! On Saturday Josh played a little pre-wedding (Brad & Jennifer) golf with the boys, and I went to a family get-together with my mom's side of the fam~very fun by the by! Then we went to dinner at Macaroni Grille (where our waitress forced Josh to eat mashed potatoes:

W(aitress): So, what'll you have?
J(osh): Pork chops, please.
W: Okay, great.
J: Instead of the risotto and broccoli, could I have a different side item?
W: Sure, you want the mashed pototoes?
J: Well, um, what do you have as choices for sides?
W: The mashed potatoes would go really well with that.
J: Hmm, I see here that you have asparagus, would it be possible to have that?
W: So, the mashed potatoes then? Great!
J: Ah, let's see, how about instead of the risotto I have mashed potatoes, and instead of the broccoli, I have asparagus.
W: Alrighty :)

E: I'll have the fettucini alfredo with chicken.
W: Okay, great!

After dinner we rented 3:10 to Uma and The Painted Veil. Both were well done films :) Rent the painted veil if you hate Love.

We had a relaxing Sunday...the highlight of our afternoon (apart from the Tar Heels winning!!! HURRAY!!) was our trip to the dog park. Of course there were plenty of adorable dogs there, including one of our favorites, a big happy-go-lucky boxer, but there were also (as usual) some very interesting individuals. When we arrived, we got situated on one of the picnic benches, with Charlotte in her carseat in between Josh and me. This worked very well, especially when a rambunctious dog almost leapt up onto the table. Josh gave it the stiff-arm, thereby saving our sweet girl from getting jumped on by a pitt-lab puppy. Whew! ...however...the real action came right before we left. Josh was getting up to go collect our dogs from the pack when a santa claus-type old gent approached us with a friendly salute of "everyone who wants to have children should get a puppy first." We smiled and agreed, and thought this was probably the end of the exchange...OH NO. Over the course of the next six minutes, this uber-friendly guy proceeded to tell us about/comment on everything from the cost of having kids (incidentally he only had to pay 190 dollars in 1971 when his daughter was born because he grew up playing with the doctor's kids and the doctor knew he didn't have insurance, etc. etc.) to how he lost his ring finger, to how guys should ask for a girl's hand in marriage, to some of his jobs, to how criminals should go to jail and if anyone messed with his kids he'd kill them, to how child molesters should be put through a wood chipper. Yeah. Let's just say the conversation ended with this comment from old Mr. Soapbox: "Ahrright, enough with all this morbid s***, y'all have a great day. I hope your little girl grows up happy and strong."

On that note, here's what you've been wanting to see anyway :) Charlotte has started smiling at us, but of course when I have the camera she stops smiling and tries to figure out what it is. Hopefully we'll capture a picture of it soon!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Random Cute Pictures :)

Here is Charlotte with her Poppy & in her first Spring outfit :)

Sat in the Seat of Mockers

That's what Josh and I did while we were outside. Charlotte got hot and sweaty in the warm air, and started fussing. So instead of consoling her, we did impressions of her hissy fit (Josh is doing the "pause in between screams" face..I think you all can figure out which face I'm doing) and took pictures. Don't worry, we calmed her down and provided hundreds of kisses which cheered her up :)
This last picture was too cute to leave off...awwww :)

Three Halls in the Back Yard

For some reason, that title sounds like a country was absolutely gorgeous on Sunday, so we all sat outside for a fun. Charlotte really enjoyed looking around, and we all enjoyed getting some fresh air ~ bring on Spring!!

Valaoras & Lewis Obstetrics and Gynecology

This is Dr. Valaoras, the doctor who delivered our sweet girl! We highly recommend their (Dr. Thomas Valaoras & Dr. Andrew Lewis') practice if you live in our neck of the woods!

Cute Tarheel Feet

Some adorable shoes that some of Mom's friends gave Charlotte, of course, inside those shoes are two (future) TARHEEL feet!!

Big Girl Bed

Okay, just we're not going to get our money's worth out of that conversion crib we bought :P
Seriously..she looked so funny sitting in that huge bed that we had to take a picture. By the time I ran to get the camera, she had tipped over and we had to prop her back up. (No babies were harmed in the creation of this picture).