Thursday, January 21, 2010

Do you think this 5 pt harness is still working??

So, Charlotte has been really into wearing her shirts with one arm coming out of the neck. She'll do this and come show me, with a big grin on her face..I'm just hoping this "off the shoulder" look is a phase that ends well before middle school ;)

I heard her telling me she was taking her socks and shoes off in the car, but she didn't mention this this is what I saw when I went to get her out of her car seat when we got home!!

There is a one strap bathing suit at Baby Gap...guess that'll be her swimsuit this summer!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday, Charlotte!!

Happy Birthday to our sweet girl, our favorite daughter, our first kid, our delight. I can't sum you up enough to even get out a post of reasonable length... To describe this unbelievable little lady would take all day and my hands would fall off if I tried to type up a description that does her justice...but if you've had the pleasure of meeting her, you know exactly what I mean.

She is a super smart kiddo, so sweet, kind, and funny.
A great runner, and climber, and rocking horse rider...
A good eater, milk lover, great sister, and good "reader".
A girly girl :), mommy's girl, daddy's girl, and a friendly girl (usually).
A great talker, "G"-iraffe holder, blanket snuggler, dresser upper,
and we love every inch of her so dearly!

The Present!

Charlotte couldn't wait to open her present when it arrived a few days early on Monday!! (by "Charlotte" I mean Josh and I)..we all tried it out (except Liam :D) and it is so fun. Just because we got something that will be used by both kids for many years doesn't mean she felt jipped, haha!

Buddy Boy

Here's our resident hunk of cuteness. He is awesome!! He loves getting kisses from Charlotte, and of course his favorite thing to do is watch whatever she's doing!

Leave the room for two (or twenty) seconds...

So, the other night we had some of my mom's spaghetti! Actually, we used her sauce (which is nice and thick) to make garlic bread hamburger buns into "manwich" spaghetti sandwiches! It was really good..but since we were using up the last two hamburger buns, we didn't make one for Charlotte. She likes the sauce, so I fixed her a little bowl. We have previously given her this, with success.

However, this time went a little differently...she figured out it was much more fun to throw the food onto the carpet. Josh and I had actually gone to the nursery to get a bib for her and to our room so I could change out of my white shirt. We were simultaneously gone for about 15 -20 seconds. Literally. and this happened...

We had a talk about throwing food on the floor. We also told her she wasn't allowed to ride her rocking horse for the rest of the night. Life goes on.

The next morning, she has been playing for a little while, when she looks up at me and says: "frow food flo-wi" while pointing to the horse.. I figured out she was "asking" if she could ride the horse again since she'd "frown food on the flow-ie" the night before...Of course I said she could :) The rocking ban was over ;p

Howdy, Neighbor!

Charlotte loves playing with our neighbor, Mr. Trent!! They have a ball together :) Here they are "baking" cupcakes last week!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Rice Cereal... second installment

Soo...since Liam still does not regularly sleep through the night, we thought we'd give rice cereal a try (just a teeny bit early~first child we're told solids at 6 months, second child we're told solids at 4 months) to see if that would help.
As I'm fixing the mixture, Charlotte starts in with her usual "MINE!!!" routine. (this is her favorite walk around growling "mine!" ~love you dearly, daughter, but you are definitely TWO!!)

So, back to tonight..she sees this rice cereal and hears us talking about it and starts saying "Cereal! Iss MINE!" and so on and so forth... Remembering back to when she was about 6 months old and how much she hated rice cereal (and we hated giving it to her, and it resulted in this picture), we thought: hey, sure Charlotte you can have some rice cereal...

we all go and sit in the dining room...Liam in the bumbo, Charlotte in a chair, and just to make sure I say: "Now Charlotte, this is Buddy's. Are you sure you want some of this rice cereal?? Remember, you didn't like it when you were a baby.." Well, of course there is a tiny bit of sarcasm in this question, but hey, we're gonna have a little fun...

Charlotte says: "Iss MINE! Rice Cereal!" I take this as a go-ahead, and give her a small bite.

Y'all. She literally threw up. She didn't just dry heave and spit out the spoonful (and she definitely did that)..she also gagged so hard that some dinner vom came up! Okay it sounds bad typing it out, but I'm telling you ~ HILARIOUS!! No children were harmed during the making of this post. If y'all heard her say "mine" as much as we do, you'd have done it, too. She's fine, and maybe she'll think twice before she demands something that isn't hers again...Yeaaaah...Guess her verdict on rice cereal has been upheld.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Merry Christmas!

So, some of the pictures below are back to Halloween or perhaps earlier, but that's what happens when you take 3 months to figure out how to get the pictures you took on your phone uploaded onto the computer... **Also, you'll have to click on the December archive to see the rest of the ones I just loaded..the downside to doing this right at the new year!! jeez...**

Let's start with our family Christmas Morning...


Liam!! He doesn't always have a double his credit, he was leaning back. I happen to love it though!

There were actually 17 shots taken...

...trying to get her to look at me and smile (without pretzels showing lol).. but I can't pick just one, so here are several from that series!