Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Scootin', Crawlin', and...Walkin'!!

Liam started walking really quickly.  By that I mean, the first part of the video is at Josh's grandparent's beach house around mid-May, and those are his first attempts at crawling, ever!  The second part is at home a couple weeks later. ThenHe crawled/scooted for a while, took 3 steps on July 2nd, and then by July 12th he was walking well enough to write it down on the calendar..then, surprise!..he starts walking super well like a week and a half later! Now he can really move!! If you have food or a toy he wants, he will basically attempt to run to you..super cute.  He's in a bit of a bad mood during the third part of the video and isn't quite as willing to cooperate as the aforementioned circumstances.  But still, Great Job, Buddy!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Beach Trip May 2010 #2

Good Times, Good Times...

Beach Trip May 2010

Liam's first trip to the beach!!