Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Crawling: Part 2

Here is Charlotte on Monday~what a difference a week makes...she started with one or two "steps" last week, and by today she's following me from room to room...the only safety issue is that she wants to stand up on everything ("preferably"~to her~ using a sharp corner or door jamb for balance), but that's just one thing closer to walking, so I'll deal with the safety hazards!! EXCITING!!! Did I mention lately that I love this girl and her dad?

Crawling: Part 1

This is Charlotte trying to crawl (about 2 weeks ago). She is soo funny with this...either she's doing a push up and grunting, or she's surfing with her belly on the floor and her arms in the air, whining...what a funny girl :)

The Beach (revisited)

Charlotte's first look at the ocean...unfortunately, there was no "juuuiiicce!!" comment... ah well, there's always next summer!!


This is what we get to see all of the time!! We are storing these times up in our memories for 15ish years when she shuts herself in her room and speaks to us once a week...Actually I won't let that happen, but you know what I mean...

Saturday, August 16, 2008

A Day In The Life of Charlotte

Well, sorry it's been so long since a has been very busy and the computer has been very slow. However, I finally spent some time loading some pictures of our girl. She's been growing like a weed, learning new things, having a great time, and blessing our life greatly. What follows is a general idea of our day-to-day at the house. Beginning with what I see when I go in to wake her up (around 6:30-7:30 depending on our schedule for the day)...As usual, she's hugging on her giraffe.

Bye Dad!

Josh gets a great send-off every morning!! I won't post my contribution to that effort...wink ;) We'll keep this post G instead of PG. Hugs and kisses from his two girls :)

First Thing's First

After Josh leaves, we both have a morning routine...she plays in her exersaucer, and I have my coffee(pictured below saucer~and no, it isn't the grimy "baby" scrawl mug I was given as a "present")...It's so crazy that 2 months ago we had to put a throw pillow under her feet so she could touch! Tall like her daddy!!


Our morning outing to Target :) our new car! We certainly weren't planning to buy a new one..we went to see which models our mondo-car-seat fits in for FUTURE reference...but instead, we left with a 2008 Honda Pilot!! (Which we love, by the by)

Morning Play

Of course, out of all the toys this girl has...she wants to play with her old diaper boxes. A girl after my own heart!!


Finally! She can hold her own bottle for the whole feeding :) Unfortunately, you won't see any baby food in this picture-although she will eat some sweet potato with dinner...I've almost given up on baby food...9 weeks into the process and basically no sucess..oh well, she can't be perfect right? :)

The LEAST Fun Part of the Day!

Can't leave this out! Just be grateful I didn't post the picture of the actual stuff (which yes, I did take ;D)...

Going on a Jog (or...sitting in the stroller while mom pushes me)

She enjoys people/animal/house/street/tree/mailbox/road/mama-watching while we take our jog around the block. I know she's got the McGraw sleep-anywhere gene, because she falls asleep while I'm running. If you've ever seen a baby's head while the stroller is going fast~it's not exactly still..Here she is before we head out!

Sippy Cup

She's working on figuring out that she has to hold her arms up higher or tilt the cup to actually get the water in her mouth, but until then she enjoys holding it and playing with it. When I help her she looks surprised that it's not milk in there~haha :)

Ready, Set, Crawl!!...or not

She looks like she's ready to do a sprint...the only problem is that she hasn't figured out how to coordinate her arms and hands into the whole process, so she just moves her legs like she's climbing but she doesn't go anywhere. After about 30 seconds she starts whining and turns around and looks at me. Too funny, Charlotte. I suppose she'll figure it out soon enough :)

On the Move

She is beginning to use the furniture to "walk"/stagger around :) She loves different fabrics...especially the sofa one. She'll scratch her fingernails on it and coo and smile.

Her little tounge is out: Miss. Intent!!

Afternoon Play

She pulled out almost all the toys from the basket in a couple of minutes...indecisive like her mama!

I'm starting to dread when she can pick out her own clothes for the day!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Bed Time...

Well, we officially had to lower the crib to the lowest mattress level!! She is getting to be so mobile that we just don't trust her to stay in the crib...first stage of big girl status initiated! An eventful end to an eventful day!!