Friday, October 23, 2009

Trick or Treat!

Our neighbors invited us to a local "candy hunt" (see "a mob of kids gathering little bags of candy"..there were hundreds of bags which the "experts" quickly gathered in a matter of minutes) was so adorable and really fun. We went with two families on our street ~ such sweet kids and parents..we are so grateful for our wonderful neighbors!! Tomorrow we're going to a corn maze/pumpkin farm to come! For now, here are some pictures of our little ladybug and tiger!! (and don't worry about them being warm..despite the wind that picked up towards the end of our evening, Liam was drenched in sweat when I took his costume (aka weight loss suit) off when we got home. (and NO Worries, he's fine and doesn't have a fever, haha!) They were really cute and Josh...I mean, Charlotte did a great job collecting candy!

Our little group ~ such sweeties and one of the girls won the "big prize" candy bag!!

Charlotte jammin' to the music they had playing..she was doing her circle dance around Josh's legs :)

Empty bucket...this was soon remedied!

The whole fam!

Liam before we left (I wanted a picture before he chose the ride over there as the first "outfit ruined by spit-up"). Actually, he Rarely spits up and there were no problems..although the outfit will have to be washed due to the sweat factor!

Friday, October 16, 2009


Well, as a result of being cooped up in the house due to weather and fear of Flu germs, it came to my attention that Charlotte reaaaally needed some new toys. So, yesterday afternoon, all 4 of us headed to Toys R Us..

Josh and I absolutely loved watching her eyes light up! We said we might have had more fun than she did (which is saying a lot ~ she had a great time!!). We ended up getting her Christmas presents early...and came home with a Little People Noah's Ark, a "Toy Story" talking button book, 2 bathtime princess dolls ("Rella" and "Awiewl"), and this set of princess clothes, which she promptly got out when we got home. Here is "Princess Charlotte" and her prince!

*Don't worry, the earrings are clip on.

Mommy's Little Helper...

...not a drug reference, just a cutie-patootie girl giving "buddy" (as she calls Liam) his bottle. What a good big sister! (don't worry, this activity was closely supervised).

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tummy Time

Liam loves tummy time as much as Charlotte did...which is not at all.

Actually, he's already rolled over both ways, and did a push up this morning. What a beast. It was probably an accident, but hey, at least he gets some variety while he's doing this chore.

He got so stressed this morning with it that he resorted to sucking his thumb..poor little guy. Cute though!

Washer Threatening Strike...

I found this note from the washing machine yesterday morning when I went to start a load...

Oh, we're averaging a load every 1.5 days...nice.

Hopefully that will slow down a bit..say, one load a week? anybody?

Around the House...

Playing with purses while I reorganize my clothes :)

She thought she was so sneaky getting all of her naptime/nighttime lovies out one morning :)

Miss Thing around the house...she has done so well playing, staying near me, helping (bringing pacifiers, patting Liam gently, rocking his swing, etc.), and not fussing too badly that she's having to share us now. She has had a few hissy, a day...but I can't figure if it's being home with me now, nearing 2 years old, having a new brother, or having lots of visitors...probably a combo of all of these. All in all, she's doing great!! Love you, my sweet, silly, smart girl!

Thanks, Small Group!

Beautiful flowers from a couple in our small group (delivered along with a delicious dinner).

We were kept in fine dining for two weeks by our small group at church!! Thank you everyone for all of the delicious meals!! Every bite has been devoured. :p

Interior Decorating...

The extent of my Fall decorating... I've got a whole shelf of stuff I usually put out that will be waiting another year to come back out.

Big Sister!!

Charlotte enjoying her new activity...

Fridge Magnet Numbers!! Unfortunately, our fridge only has a small area that is magnetic..

The best picture of Charlotte and Alivia I could get! They are so sweet to each other and have a blast playing together... hard to believe they're coming up on the 2 year mark?!!? can barely see, but they were sooo cute. For some reason, they made her especially clingy that day..but I didn't mind :)

Two of my three cuties!! (the first one is behind the camera)

We Are Fam-il-y!!

My mom and dad came up to help me out for a few days when Josh returned to work. It was wonderful to have the company, and two brains I really respect to bounce things off of while I recover from "preggo brain".. :) Thanks so much y'all!! Can't wait to see you again!

They were also able to bring my mom's mom "Memaw" over for a visit! Charlotte really took to her this visit and learned her name right off the bat. While watching me upload these pics, she kept saying "Memaw! Memaw!"

Liam's pants are jacked up b/c of his umbilical cord's all healed now so he doesn't look like an adorable nerd anymore..just adorable!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Liam: 1 week old! What a stud :D

Charlotte: picked out the shoes herself, put them on by herself, came out into the den grinning away...I think we have a girly girl (who will kill it out on the track, too!) on our hands :D