Wednesday, March 26, 2014

"When I Grow Up.." Day at Preschool!

Liam came home and told us about this day and said he wanted to be a "worker".. my first thought was "Oh no, he saw too much of the Sochi olympics!!" but then realized he meant "construction worker" after he said, "like Poppy!"

So we headed to Lowe's for some stuff.. he was super cute and definitely the most authentic "worker" in his class~no "Melissa & Doug" here! ;)

Go, Indians!!

first at bat for Liam! (ever)

first at bat for the season! (she did get a better stance right after I snapped this~just saying this for Josh and Charlotte looking at this later)

Both kids hit great and fielded the ball well!! Great job coaching by Josh!

T Ball Practice :)

First practice this year! SO glad they are on the same team!! Makes it possible to watch a lot more than last season! :D

Shopping Helper

She did an amazing job steering the cart! I was surprised and impressed :)

Sunny Day Smiles

Den Fun

Liam took the above jump shot!

Make-Up.. #selfapplied


I'm pretty sure they have more fun with Emory's tinkerbell powerwheel this way than they do when it is fully charged. ;)

Growing Up.

fake "grumpy" face :)

"Mommy, do dis [insert random face]"  :) she is so cray cray. :)

Snow Storm 2014!

It actually was bad enough to warrant school being cancelled and Josh not having work! Crazy NC weather :)

We had the perfect "Snow Storm"..lots of gorgeous snow, no ice damage/power outages, and everyone home to enjoy it!! We had a ball sledding down the driveway and in the common are with some neighbors. :) Oh, and snowcream, of course!!

Valentine's 2014

Flowers from Josh's client to us, a huge cake, dinner at Rooster's and our favorite non-family-member babysitter made for a wonderful "Love Holiday" :D

Random Cuties.

laid back watching muffins bake.


treasure this moment.

"you Mine buddy!"

b-day shirt from Aunt Soph!

um, yes. oreo milkshakes in the middle of winter.

"Nana's Park"

Okay, so really it is the neighborhood park for Nana and Poppy's neighborhood, but it's unofficial name is "Nana's Park" which I'm sure will change to "Nana and Poppy's Park" once Dad retires ;)

We have gotten a lot of (randomly, Mondays) nice sunny days to play this winter! The kids love to hear "we are going to Nana's park after snack time!!"

6 Years Old!!!

Charlotte enjoyed turning 6!!! She had a "Frozen Party" with a couple of friends and family :) (this was a "small party" year.)

Charlotte is such a joy to have. We love her so much, and feel so blessed to be her parents. She is a great friend, sister, a Reader! a kindergarten lover, an in shape beast! (you should see her abs), a learning sponge, an artist, and in general, a delight. We love you, boogie!!


Holy Growth Spurt, Batman!!

I love them.

"Daddy, can we ride on your shoulders?!"
*Every. Night.*


No, he doesn't sit in the front, we got to preschool early so I let him climb up and press some lights and buttons. ;)