Friday, May 28, 2010

The ONE Family Picture at the Beach!

Of course Josh and I are both doing the "lean your heads towards the goup thing" and having funky necks because of it...but at least we're all together in one shot! (actually, we were all together all week long and it was FABULOUS!!) We can't wait until next time!!


The kids (and adults) had a great time at the aquarium! Charlotte was in such awe she refused to take time away from watching the animals to pose for a picture! (one direct smiling pose was achived through bribery). Liam had the best time of anyone, I think. He's really logging in the visual images these days, so this place was a feast for his eyes! We had a blast :D



Liam can always say there is One place that sells his name in souvenier gear!

Tanger Outlets and Barefoot Landing

Beach Park

More Beach!

"Pool" at the Beach

This pool complex was amazing! Outdoor covered pool and hot tub,plus a lazy river and another hot tub (and the pool and lazy river were heated!! Perfect for our needs during a May beach trip! Plus there were all kinds of water spouts and slids under the covered part as well! We had fun here several days of the trip :)

Beach Trip May 2010

Charlotte was running Josh (and herself~see how wiped out she was by the time she made it back to the blanket?!) ragged up and down the shore while Liam and I worked on our tans (okay, just me on the tan thing ;p)

Thursday, May 27, 2010


Don't pick the month the weather turns beautiful and you go to the beach to get behind on your picture uploading... The following 20some posts are said catch-up, and that doesn't include the beach. That is a project for another night! I promise to stay a little more on top of things!! :D

Random Sweetie Pictures

Two Sweeties. Trust Me. They are sweeter than they look..and that's saying a lot!

Portrait Innovations: Charlotte

They were telling her to look for a ladybug..which she proceeded to do, very dilligently.

Portrait Innovations: Charlotte

Portrait Innovations: Liam

Portrait Innovations: Liam


Our sweet neighbors had a birthday party for their 4 year old, and "Cinder-lella" made an appearance in person! You totally cannot tell from these pictures how entranced she was precious. Charlotte barely took her eyes of Cinderella the entire time (unless I was trying to get a shot). Plus she was so overwhelmed by the fact that "LELLA!!" was there that she couldn't compose herself to smile with Cinderella even one time..So, instead, let's add some commentary:

"Mother. Please stop taking pictures. I am so embarrassed!"

"Practicing her REGAL look"

"Cinder-lella, I cannot believe you won't come home with me!"

"Hmmm, how can I lure Cinder-lella away from this party and over to my house?"