Wednesday, December 26, 2007

From 3 Trimesters to 3 Weeks!!

Merry Christmas (one day late) everyone!! Josh and I have had a blast since we went on Christmas vacation visiting with family and friends, and just relaxing a little bit before life takes on a whole new meaning! ;) We hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday season so far!!

With just under three weeks until the due date, Josh and I are worse than two little kids waiting on Santa to come visit...I am so ready to meet our girl!!

Since my last post, we've had 2 more showers~everyone has been more than generous! Thanks to family, friends, and coworkers, we have everything we (or Charlotte) need. Josh and I cannot verbally express what the showing of support has meant to us. We can only hope to "pay it forward" by doing our best to raise Charlotte to be the kind of family member/friend that you all are to us!

I still don't have any pictures loaded from two of the showers, but if I can get some loaded at a later time I will. We have a few pics from our family shower (some sweet family and friends) which was wonderful and beautiful! Since the Fair Grove shower was a "drop in" style (where people could come get some refreshments and drop off a gift if they chose to do so) I don't really have any pictures of a typical was very relaxed and very much appreciated~thanks Karen J. and Penny!!

I did take some pictures of the nursery, which at this point is only missing Charlotte(!), and a picture of the belly at 37 weeks. Josh was like, "you want to take a picture tonight?" and I gently reminded him that we could be going to the hospital any time, so we might want to get one more belly measurement pic in before that chaos begins. (I can see it now~my water breaks and we stop everything to get a picture of the belly on our way to the hospital...haha yea right).

So without further are some pictures! Mama Lutz, it's your turn!!