Friday, November 18, 2011

Just for the record books...

And by record books, I mean ours when we convert the next installment of blog posts into another book..  But just to keep track of things,  I had my 36 week obgyn appointment this past Tuesday (11/15) and I am 70% effaced and 3.5-4 cm dialated!  Miss Emory is definitely on her way!  We are ready to meet her whenever she decide to make her appearance,  and since we close on our new home in 2 weeks (!!), we're excited to find out if she will arrive before or after that happens :)  She'll have a whirlwind birth story either way, haha!

Leaf Pile!!

Charlotte loved this!! When it was Liam's turn (and he was dying to try it), he counted 1,2,3 and then got tossed in...only to immediately say Out!Out! Help, Nana! :)  What a fun leaf pile. :D

Monday, November 14, 2011

Lunch Date!!

We had such a great time getting to see Lauren and her sweet boys (Mr. Ben, pictured, and Mr. Nate, not pictured) for an impromptu lunch last week!!! What a treat!! :D

Christmas at Biltmore!

We headed up to Biltmore to see the Christmas Trees on display in the house.. It was gorgeous and the kids had a great time! They look for Christmas decorations everywhere now. We are definitely looking forward to closing on our house so we can get in there and put our Christmas things up and around :)
This trip counted as our "Christmas Trip to the Mountains" since, with Emory's upcoming birth, we decided to forego Blowing Rock/Dan'l Boone Inn/Christmas tree cutting.. We'll definitely pick back up next year!


I love this girl. :D

Preschool Recap

Updated: Pics from Josh's phone of the Thanksgiving Program!!

She was telling me about all of these things, *which would have made a better video, but hey..* and then I just asked her questions about the things she told me about... And I was taping her in the rearview mirror.. don't worry..I got it lined up on a stoplight and then watched the road :D I'm pretty pleased with how well it stayed on her haha! She does love her some preschool!!

T Ball :)

The kids are getting their Tball on.. :)  Josh is clearly miserable and sad about this...siiiiiike!