Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Sidewalk chalk :)

Our sweet neighbors are always so kind-giving the kids little (and big) things for the holidays and seasons. Mrs. Sandra gave them a big and really nice set of chalks and sidewalk "tattoos." :) they had a ball!! Plus, no chalky hands since each one has an adjustable holder!

Salted caramel pretzel bark!!

Yummy!! We all love it, clearly. ;) thanks again, Pinterest!

MawMaw and PawPaw visit!

Pam and Tony were able to come down for a visit this month! We tried out a new burger joint, had some delish birthday cupcakes they brought (thank you!), and we went to a T ball game so they could see Charlotte do her thing!! It was a nice visit. :)

Queen for a day!

My birthday card from the kids had a tear out crown. Charlotte insisted I wear it to mom and dad's for birthday cake..

Me and my loyal subjects ;)