Monday, November 23, 2009

Big Sister and Little Brother...for now!

So, I think Charlotte is about to have a growth spurt. She went up 3 sizes in shoes over the summer, and I just noticed in this picture that her face looks thinner or longer or just more little-girl-ish..I don't know. I'll keep ya posted on her growth spurt..

And although Liam will always be her younger brother, I think the days of him being her "little" brother are numbered (with a low number haha)..he is soo big and strong! He's my big teddy bear baby and he's just adorable. He's started smiling over the past week or so, and on Saturday morning, he laughed for the first time. Okay, so it was At My Face, but still. :) He does a much bigger smile, but you know how getting kids to do the thing you want on camera goes. (add in the delay on the camera and it's lucky I got a smile shot at all)..

Our two cutie pies!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Yep, I get to hang out with them all day, every day.

What, jealous? (SNL reference)

I stinkin' love these kids!!!!

Sibling Stuff

Playing together during tummy time!

Charlotte is good about trying to give Liam his pacifier..I wonder why??? Oh yes, she's sick of him screaming! ha ha.. They are sweet together. We give Charlotte "rides" on our back, and the other day she tried to take one on Liam's back while he was doing tummy time. Don't worry, this only involved her saying "ride, ride" and standing over him spread eagle..I didn't let her actually touch him. We had a very meaningful conversation about how Liam is smaller than her. I'm sure she fully followed along and will never try it again..HA!

Liam, lately...

He is a sweetheart. A colicky sweetheart, but a sweetheart nonetheless. :) I think he's going to be a big strong teddy bear of a guy. Love that kid!! He's very content and aware when he's happy, and he's just an absolute doll. Just yesterday, I got to see his sweet smile for the first time (that wasn't cranking out gas)...melt worthy! Look out ladies!!

We're looking forward to a little relief from the colic, but it's worth it to have this wonderful little guy in our life. We have bestowed an acronym for his name for the duration of the colic period: Li A M = Litte A-hole Man. Don't worry, we don't actually say the A word. But if you hear our eldest saying A-hole, that's why :) tee hee.


Charlotte and her future brother in law and hubby. Anytime I get on the computer she comes running over saying "Jack n' Finn, Jackn'finn, Jackn'finn" over and over.

We had a blast going to dinner in Burlington with some of the roomies from college (and our ridiculously awesome kids). Everyone had a great time and it was soo soo good to see everyone. Charlotte had time to sneak in about 3 containers of ranch aka "dip" while I was talking. Awesome! :p

Sving!! (Charlotte's version of "swing")

Apparently, despite my best efforts, Liam will never have any toys to himself until Charlotte goes to college. She climbs in and trys to look at me like, "what? you weren't paying attention close enough to catch me, so I should be allowed to 'sving!' if I want to.."

Sleepy Sicky

Our sweet little sick girl..some good couch time and extra hugs will hopefully get her through this fever (plus whatever rears its head tomorrow..).

Last night, we snuck in her room to see if the fever had abated any..(it hadn't)..and she sat up in bed, eyes closed, and said: "" in the most pitiful voice. It was so cute and just flat out pitiful. I had to alternate between trying not to laugh and say "aww" too loud as I backed out of the room. At least we know what she dreams about now.

Featured in this picture is a 50 cent Sponge Bob aka "BOBBY!!" I purchased as a Christmas present from our neighbor's yard sale. Unfortunately for the Christmas haul, "BOBBY!!!" was spotted exiting the laundry room and has since resided in the den. He takes up an entire leather chair.