Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Liam isn't pictured because he couldn't stop playing long enough!


I don't know where she got this idea..

I may or may not have had a swig from the bottle in front of her...the crazy part is this 1 YEAR OLD pulled the fridge open by herself and got the bottle out! Whaaaat?!

Child labor..

She went and got the broom, "swept" for a while, and CRIED when I took it to put it away. Haha!

LITTLE Brother :) (Liam and his big sister)

A "trap" they made out of the ottomans :)  "Help!!"

Computer time!

No good looks in this picture... siiiike!!

Portrait Innovations

Typical outfits: Charlotte~tights, a dress, boots, crown and jewels.. Liam~underwear. Even in the middle of winter. I call him our werewolf! He is always saying he is hot!!
Leeeeaan back, lean back..

We ride our bikes to the common area and jump out of this tree all of the time. :)

Spidey and Optimus. Together forever.

Big Kids = Big Smiles :D

BIG Brother :) (Liam and his little sister)

Hugging it out!!

All Smiles!


Random ones of Emory (Sept ~ Jan)

Miss Happy! This swing broke soon after, and Nana and Poppy came through with an early Christmas present to Emory~a new swing!!

cutie all snoozy

look what I can do!

Playing with my buddy, Reagan :)

Enjoying one of many many baby food pouches...we stopped with these b/c they are super pricey, but they are great in a pinch!
Portrait innovations

 Birthday Girl!!
queen of the bath! (a foam crown for the bath tub :D)

Park time!

First Oreo!!

Don't test me! I will go shell on you!!

Loving on Daddy!

Visit with the future hubs. :D

Random ones of Liam (Sept - Jan)

He loves this.

showing off birthday tattoos! (I actually like these better than stickers...less mess!)

Yes, he fell asleep on two dining room chairs, with the light on, and the tv going. Tired guy! He just went in there and climbed up and passed out!

me and my "little" man

self portrait...he LOVES to take pictures with the iPhone. :)

Sleep....and a lot of drool. ;) Love it!

Just love this outfit and pose...sorry future grown up Liam!!
Mr. Serious!! I pity all girls in his high school. Look at those eyes!!
Charlotte took this one for us! :) thanks, Girl!

Optimus Prime, zonked.
Red Cheeks = ear infections in our house...sure enough..a double one at the dr. when he woke up. :/
A lot of his pictures are him sleeping~he is so on the is the only time I can get a good one! :)

Random ones of Charlotte (Sept-Jan)

"doing hair" on the patio

chalk drawing of the swing set

Preschool Thanksgiving feast

"Cinderella scene" dress

Who else could nap with their legs crossed? She was really asleep!

Making cookies for the preschool cookie recipe book!

Modeling a new outfit from Maw Maw

Gorgeous girl.

My snuggle partner in the den

Not feeling so hot...12 hr stomach bug

Puzzles and Tools! Thanks Aunt Wanda and Uncle Ron for this fun and educational gift we all love! :D

Skittle Art. I asked what it was and she said: "Grocery Cart"...Obviously!! Apparently she sees a lot of these ;)