Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Nope, uncle Eddie!!

Liam asked "is this me?" And we just cracked up! Had no idea there was such a strong resemblance!


Poppy and Nana's bike!! (Of course they can't ride it for 20 years, but they can climb on it while it is parked with a 1:1 kid:adult ratio!)

What is wrong with this picture? ;)

Wrong kids in the respective swings..gotta love it! The grass is Always greener, right?

Cherry dress twins!

Charlotte got the little blue one when she wasn't quite two from some friends at our church in WS. She loved it so much we had to get the red "cherry dress" when she couldn't fit into it anymore.. That was 3 years ago and the once floor length 4T is now almost too small! Hoping Carter's comes out with those again soon... ;)


So glad we got to see Sophie and Harrison a good bit during their visit to Charlotte! This was a still as the two little ones got, though! Cutie pies!!

T Ball

Josh is the assistant coach for "The Mets" t-ball team with MARA athletics in Matthews. We are enjoying it so far!! (even though opening day was rained out, and we have to have a yankee team..can't win 'em all, I suppose!)

Off to the first practice at MARA!!

Batter up!!

Professional stance :)

Number 1 Fan!! Well, when he felt like watching..which wasn't often...but still! Cutest Fan!! Okay, cutest tied with Emory. :)

Dr. Seuss bday at preschool!

Charlotte and her friend Haley dressed up (as did their entire preschool) for Dr. Seuss' birthday! So cute! Haley's mom ordered these bows and I jumped at the chance to see a bow in Charlotte's hair, even if it was only for 5 minutes ;)

Some cute ones of Emory

Day before tubes were put it...rockin a double ear infection.. :/

Trying out a big girl booster seat that night at dinner :)

borrowing a headband from Charlotte and a shirt from Liam..the first of many clothing/accessory borrows to come!

Cutie Pa-snoozie!!

New Toilets

So proud of Josh! He installed two toilets for us! Handy Man!

Having tons of fun with the two big new toilet boxes!


Cutie pie! Of course she wanted these out within minutes!  How do we have two daughters and no one wears hair accessories!? I guess I can't blame them b/c I do wear my hair down most of the time and they see that of course. So forgive me if I start wearing the occasional bow or pigtails to help "influence" them for my own devices! ;)


We finally got a chance to recover our kitchen chairs and we are thrilled with how they look! This is a laminated cotton, so the best part is that spills just wipe right off! :D

prime example of why we needed to recover them...berries for a snack ;/

Ordered this "laminated cotton" off of Etsy..

Borrowed Dad's staple gun and went to town! This was a two person effort for Josh and I and it was a "two chairs a night" kind of thing...We were happy when this part was complete!!

4 screws back on, and voila!! All set!! Liam tested the success of the project by puking on his chair the other day..wiped right off and we were good to go! Bring on the spaghetti and blackberries!!

Kindergarten here we come!