Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Our Little Christmas Present!!

Well, sweet lil babycakes had his/her first photo shoot today!!  It was Wonderful to FINALLY be able to see our baby!  We had ultrasounds with C and L around 8-9 weeks, so this felt like a "long" time to wait and see them kicking around in there.  The payoff to waiting longer is that there was a lot more to see.. less of a "pea in the pod" look and more of a little person :D  Obviously, the pictures show that this baby is so Precious and Adorable  :DD Can't wait to see them onscreen again in a couple of months for the anatomy scan, and then this December "in person"!! Hurray!! Thank you, Lord, for blessing us again!


We go to our house every other week at least for many reasons: family, friends, least of all to mow the yard (Tony is mowing every other week and we are sooo grateful!!!!)..

So, this past weekend, we made a day trip up to mow, go to a friend's daughter's birthday party (happy 5th, Peyton!!), and see......drumroll please.....the Garners!!! They have very recently returned from Notre Dame where Kevin pursued and attained his masters in business administration!! Congrats, Kevin!! (and Kindra!! Y'all know those degrees are impossible to get without a TON of spousal support ;p)  They have been away since last May (2010) and we've missed them dearly.  SO Happy they are back.  Here are some pics of our visit...

 Liam instantly falling asleep while Charlotte and I went to the birthday party..
 Boys at ice cream shop after the park and dinner!
 The ladies! (sporting balloons from a neat little fill-it-yourself balloon dispenser)
 Sharing :)  Of course sweet Alivia had already shared with Charlotte :)

Trip "Uptown"

Charlotte (the city) used to be "downtown", but a tourism, advertising, whatever you call it, re-vamping campaign has called for a new name, so now everyone calls it "uptown"...  We'll actually be moving "uptown" in a few weeks!! Yay for a better commute and for being super close to lots of fun activities. 

We decided to go take the light rail from Pineville (near our apt) into uptown and explore a bit..and thankfully Mom and Dad came along! Thank goodness for their help! We had a great time and can't wait to show any and all interested visitors all the city has to offer :)

 Charlotte and Nana on the light rail
 Liam and Poppy on the light rail
 Egomaniacs....er, I mean...the kids staring at themselves in the pieces of mirror covering this statue
Charlotte with all of "her" signs!

Painting on the Porch

They love to paint, color, draw, etc.  Well, Charlotte does, and Liam loves trying to drink the paint water..ugh.  He'll catch on soon :)

Happy 30th to Josh!!

So, now Josh and I are in our 30s...YAY! We think this will be our favorite decade so far!!  To kick off his 4th decade, we went out to dinner at a place near our apartment called Cantina 1511. Soo good and fresh, kind of a high-end tex-mex place.  Here is the birthday boy! Guess I should say birthday guy now that he's 30, huh?

Visit with Kim and Caden!

Our sweet college friend Kim and her adorable son came over the other day for some swimming fun!  Of course with 3 kids there wasn't a lot of time for picture taking, but I did manage to get one of the kids together!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Around the Apartment...

Princess Leia!

Daddy's Hat :)

"Hot Pool" time
(the hot tub is not that hot..we'll use that until the weather warms up and we can get in the big pool!)

Well, there is really no excuse..

...for how long it has been since the last post.

Okay, hold on...I might have a few excuses:

Josh got a job in Charlotte and we have moved!!!  This all happened in the span of about 2 months from 1st interview to moving into our temporary housing (where we will be until we sell our house and find a new one.. another post ~or several~ on that later).  Craziness!!  Of course we are missing our family in WS and our sweet friends and neighbors.  Probably more posts on that to come.. But the great news is: Josh loves his new job, and since we knew a move was probably coming ever since he went back to school, we couldn't be happier that it is still so close to all of our family! Praise the Lord it wasn't Kentucky or Florida! (nothing wrong with those states, we just don't have any family there!)  So, we are slowly getting settled.  I say slowly, because...

I am pregnant again!!! Woah!!  We've said since Liam was born that we were done, unless God had other plans for our family and we would be thrilled if there were a "surprise blessing" in our future! ... Turns out He did have other plans, and we are actually Beyond Thrilled to meet this sweet lil babycakes, who will be arriving just in time for Christmas: 12/12/11 is the due date!   It has been exciting to think about a family of FIVE, but I have been having my roughest first trimester of any of the kids..so, needless to say (but I will for the blog), I have been what we'll call "surviving"... I'm looking forward to to the next trimester so that I have the energy to really give two energetic preschoolers the day they need to have!  They are being troopers though, and thankfully the apt we are staying in has a wonderful pool we hit up twice a day!  Also, Liam may or may not have learned the word "movie" during this first trimester.  Okay, I've dropped the T word three times now, time to move on!

So, between putting the house on the market, new job, moving, and a new baby on the way, blogging clearly fell by the wayside.  But, I think we're settled back in enough to pick back up, which I'll do now with some pics of the two sweeties!!