Tuesday, November 20, 2007

What's the rush, little girl?


Today the doctor revealed the mystery of the shy baby...Charlotte isn't playing peek-a-boo, and she isn't shy, and she isn't hiding (don't worry, Erin C., there won't be two generations jumping out and scaring you for fun ;0p).

Turns out, she is ready to come out! Not in the dialation or effacing sense, but in the "she is already head-down" sense. So, it looks like we will not see her sweet face until she's screeching and covered in blood and guts :) (Nice mental pic, huh? You're welcome.) Personally, I hope we don't have a chance to see her face before then, because that would mean she'd flipped around to a wrong delivery position. Plus, we will see her in about two months anyway!! When she comes out, she may look like one of the celebrities listed below, in order from greatest match to least from myheritage.com

Janeane Garofalo
Emmy Rossum
Amanda Bynes
Jena Malone (yes, no one knows her. She played the daughter in Stepmom w/Julia Roberts)
Alyson Hannigan
Eva Peron

So, yeah, something like that. With some Josh mixed in...someone who loves math can do the combinations for my celebrities and his, which include:

Carl Sagan
Vince Vaughn
Kevin Zegers

Side Note: All pregnant or planning-to-be-pregnant-eventually readers beware! Don't let your doctor leave you thinking you'll automatically get to see the baby during the 4-D. It's not a sure thing :/

Everything is progressing nicely: she's moving all of the time (and today we identified for sure with the doctor what part is what...i.e. that is a leg, arm, tush, and so on. The doctors are wonderful and reassure us every time we go that everything looks great, which is nice to hear. (Their "being wonderful" does not hing on the positive updates they give, it just happens that both are true). We're working on getting her place in our home and family carved out. Unfortunately, there appears to be a war between Charlotte and Sweet Pea over anything that is in the glider...and right now the battle tally goes like this: Sweet Pea-2/Charlotte (okay I'm playing for Charlotte right now)-3. The dogs have learned they cannot get up in the chair, but I think Sweet Pea is under the impression that it is okay to stand on her hind legs and take anything in the chair off. The latest item to be haggled over is an adorable pink lamb that my college roomies gave me at a shower/princess party on the 11th. Speaking of the shower...

IT WAS AMAZING!!!! I can't thank Merin C., Michole, Merin U., Mamanda, Mmegan, Mmelissa, Mabby, and Mlauren enough. Ever. It was so special to me and will be a treasured memory forever (until I get super old and start referring to it in the assisted living facility as "my princess party" and asking if it has happened yet?)...I truly have THE BEST friends a gal could ask for :D Love You Ladies!!