Thursday, July 28, 2011

Charlotte has something to tell you...

Baby #3 is a....


We found out this morning that we will be welcoming another daughter into our family!! We are soo excited, and soo happy that the doctor said everything is looking healthy and right on track :D  What a precious blessing!!   Now we just have to figure out a name for this sweetie!!
 Money Shot

 Hands in front of her face ;)

Lake Pictures from Josh's Phone

Here is some video and a still shot of Charlotte and Tina on the tube!  Notice the crossed arms...she was daring Scott to go faster :)   Tina said that in one breath Charlotte goes: "I'm holding on, I'm a strong girl!  Do you see my pink fingernails?"  I love the mix of that statement :)

Thanks again to Scott and Tina for making this awesome day happen!!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Liam and the beginnings of a golf career...

Please excuse the over-enthusiastic mother shouting "YEAH" at the end...  It was very funny because he kept holding his golf swing pose at the end. haha!

Charlotte at Discovery Place

Liam and the Maccaw (sp?) at Discovery Place

Enjoying a Party Favor!!

We enjoyed seeing my dad's side of the family a couple weeks ago! Scott (one of my 3 cousins on that side) and his wife Jamie have 3 kids, and the twin girls turned 3 this month! they had an adorable Rapunzel party and it was super fun :D  They were kind enough to create party favors for the kids, and this was by far the favorite of ours!  Needless to say, Josh and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this in the back seat on the way home...


We spent the past weekend in Knoxville with Josh's aunt and uncle!  Scott and Tina were wonderful hosts, and we had an absolute blast all weekend getting to spend some quality time with them!  On Friday, we went to the Knoxville Zoo, and then spent Saturday out on the lake!  I should hopefully be able to get some of the videos we took on Josh's phone of the kids out on the tube, but we all had a blast!  As usual, I spent the time hanging out and not taking many pictures, but here is what I do have from the zoo and lunch at Brixx before we headed out Sunday afternoon.  :D
 fortunately for us, we were able to be super close to the animals! plus, there was plenty of shade for the walkways~a couple of improvements from the Asheboro Zoo...
 Cutest Red Pandas.

Scott and Tina, we can't wait until next time!! :D

Friday, July 15, 2011

Camden Grandview Apartment

Well, a few weeks ago we got settled into our 3 bedroom apartment uptown!! We are loving it!  We are soo close to uptown, we can literally walk to many things that we have enjoyed doing~forgive my pregnant brain if I've already blogged about our activites: Discovery Place, the statues on the Green, Museums, Libraries, Dance School (where we go watch the ballerinas practice), and so much more.  We have a pool here, not as big as the one at the preserve, but still just right for our family.  Plus, we usually have it to ourselves, as most of the residents work uptown and so during the day it is all ours :)  Well, this post was supposed to be pictures of our apartment, so let me get on with that!...
 Great kitchen with brand new appliances! (we had to take the stickers off the fridge doors lol)
 Dining Area
 Guest/Kids bathroom
 Liam's first big boy bed!! He is doing great!  In the morning, he sits in bed and hollers "Mama! Mommy!!" until I come in and get him..too funny!
 Other view of Liam's room
 Charlotte's room...she will probably have to downgrade when we buy a new home lol!
 View of den (it also came with a coffee table, which the kids used solely for a launch pad onto the sofa and chair, so it is now residing in our closet ;p) and master suite is the door behind the chair.
 other view of den
 Sorry, don't know why these came out so bad...oh well here is our room!
 other view of master bedroom and "office" haha!  also, I can help you decorate your windows if you need help~don't you love our "curtain?  Sun is brutal and we get awakened so early that we tacked up a sheet to give us a break.  Thankfully it works really well!
 Master closet is in between the bed and bathroom.
Master bath..soo much storage here!~there are closets and cabinets everywhere!  We'll be lucky to find so much in our next house!

Alrighty, that concludes the photo tour :)  We'll be here through October.  Hopefully we can sell the house soon and start a "Home Hunt" here in our new town :D