Monday, March 30, 2009


Sorry, no pictures this time :\

Just had to quickly tattle on myself. So far in this pregnancy, I have cried (or at least teared up) at the following things...

1. A Little House on the Prairie series sequel book (no, not even LHOTP, just the follow up series about/written by her daughter, Rose). Actual tears on this one.
2. An insurance commercial. To my credit, it was meant to be the emotional tug at the heartstrings kind of commercial. Only tears welling up in my eyes on this one.
3. Taylor Swift's "Romeo and Juliet" or whatever it's called. Yes, I've teared up twice on this one.
4. Charlotte and Alivia hugging (aka laying their heads on each others shoulders...soooo cute!!) Cried on that one!

Hopefully I can pull it together soon...

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Family Pics!

We decided to replace the McGraw family picture on our mantle since the old one had a garbage can and a basketball goal in the background...

so, we hit up the Matthews location of Portrait Innovations, where once again we were hounded to buy more than we wanted...We Prevailed!!! Good job, Mom and Dad.

Here is the new family pic and the one of Charlotte. (they are pictures of pictures, so the real life ones are more clear, but you get the idea).

Like our post- St. Patty's day theme? :)

Monday, March 2, 2009

Baby # 2 is on his/her way!

Well, it's been an interesting few weeks since we found out. I have been feeling extremely under the weather, which makes me excited for April!! Hopefully this "morning" aka all day sickness will end then. But I'm happy to be sick for such an exciting reason.

We've been having dreams left and right that it's a boy, and as of Saturday night, we're going to name him "Owen"...not really, that is just what I dreamed. So...we'll see how that turns out (we can find out the sex at my May visit).

We're both so stinking happy. I've heard the joke that parents of only children stopped after one because they got it perfect, but we say we wanted another one because Charlotte is so amazing that we just figured, "the more of this, the better!"

So begins the hunt for a name (either way), and the experience of another pregnancy. I'm sure there will be lots of good stories on the way.

Much love to all of you out there in blog land!

p.s. That's not the top of another head, it's some sack the doctor said would disappear soon. (nurses, any clarification?) At first, Josh and I were looking at it like "is he about to position the ultrasound thing and show us another kid in there?!?!?! But it all worked out :)