Wednesday, December 18, 2013

50th Day of School

Charlotte's class had a "dress like the 50's" theme for the 50th day of school! I'm thinking we will save this for Halloween 2014! Cutie Pie!!

Great Wolf Lodge!

We had attended an info session where the "free prize" (free if you go through all of the trouble) was a trip for 4 to GWL in Concord! Mom and Dad kept Emory since she was too short to do most of the activities..but we had a blast!! We will definitely go back when we are all tall enough~ ;)


6 trips to Party City later, here is Halloween 2013!!

Triple Cuteness

Date Day ;)

Monday, November 4, 2013

Monday, October 7, 2013

giving Daddy some sugar pops :)

Renaissance Festival..

...was hot, funny, and exhausting with three hot and somewhat allergy-ridden children. thus, here are the pictures I took..all of them..
 mainly b/c we opted out of a stroller with the crowds and bumpy grassland to go over (pictured is the main drag with gravel but the rest is in a 22 acre field).. so we were busy keeping track of You Know Who and didn't have a free hand very often to take a picture! We saw some funny shows, the joust with "Real Horses!!" (Liam asked) and had some medieval pizza and sierra mist ;) we will get a turkey leg and dress up when they are older. It was so hot Charlotte took off her fancy Rapunzel dress about halfway through the day.

Pumpkin Patch!


we finished the maze!

yes, it really was called the "Hall Family Farm" :D

water pump ducky races :)

spider hay bale. scary, actually..

Hay Ride! (plus we all got free strawberry slushies b/c the tractor was malfunctioning and we had to wait..wasn't a big deal but we sure enjoyed the slushies!)

Acorn Collecting :)

Happy 4th Birthday, Liam!!

Liam, you are FOUR!! Woah!!! You are super strong, funny, sweet, wild and calm depending on the moment, you don't like running but you do like "bamming things".. you are a fantastic little and big brother, and a wonderful son. We love you so much and are grateful for you each day, buddy!!
Birthday Boy!

Class celebration of doughnuts after lunch~Em and I got to go celebrate with him :)

he requested a trip to the park after we picked up Charlotte :)

He wanted pizza so we went to Wolfman for supper :)  

*will edit post with pics of Avengers party the weekend before when I get Josh's pics loaded*

Two Handsome Guys :)

A few things from September..

cotton ball fight!!

Matthews Alive :)

Em's first solo ride :)

First day with big kids at Kindergarten/Preschool!

Snack after first day of Preschool!

flowers "just because" from Josh!! So Sweet!!

Josh and I were given tickets to a Heels game! They were in the blue zone~pretty sweet!!

"anniversary" (dating) dinner at Chuy's! Sept. 13th, 2013 (11 years together)

"Reading" to Emory :)

Mountain Day with Nana!

With Charlotte's staggered entry to kindergarten, Mom had a great idea to get outta dodge for the day and go to the mountains!
fresh fruit snack in the back!

miss independent

say no to shoes!

beauty queen!


conquerer of tubes!

picnic at Moses Cone House/Lake (although it is so covered in lily pads you cant tell the top part of the shot is the lake!)

School Days!!

Day of Kindergarten Staggered Entry (screening)

First Day of School with her class!

Home and happy about it!! She had a great day! (Bus ride, not so much but she said she'll give it another try "sometime")

What happens on Sunday afternoons with a golf tourney on tv :)

Another one bites the dust!

She lost one of her front teeth Days before school started :) Still a gorgeous smile!!

2nd Beach Trip of 2013!!

my helpers getting the oil changed before our trip

"Hawaiian Flowers" was the swim suit theme that day

Three tired kiddos

was a cool rainy trip for August, but we got a peek of the sun and a bit of blue sky!!

the traditional trip to Krispy Kreme

it was a peaceful ride home ;)

Playing in the dryer

No Worries!! Of course I sat by her the whole time, she enjoyed reaching out and pressing the light button you see in the upper left hand corner :)