Sunday, February 5, 2012


Kinda got behind on the blogging..sad part is: still not caught up!! Soon enough, though..

Below is the last 2 1/2 months in a very quick recap!!

What a Difference!!

 July 2010
(picture of a picture...ignore the weird top and bottom)

February 2012

They are currently 3 inches, 2 pounds, and 1 shoe size apart.  (!)

4 Years Old!!!!

Dinner in a fancy dress with Just the three of us! Then shopping with Gymbucks :)

We had a family party the Saturday after her birthday ~princess theme~  and she was showered with love and gifts (too many!) by our sweet family.  :D

Brynlee's Birthday!

We rode up to Winston Salem for Brynlee's first birthday!! It was super fun!  Everyone slept on the way there :)  Emory's jammies when we got home were too cute not to post..

Sweetie!! January 2012

Lots of Pajamas and Pictures :)

Life :D

 Harrison Smith!! What a cutie!

Happy New Year!!


A warm welcome to 2012!! We spent New Year's Day outside enjoying a burst of warm weather!! Emory is in her stroller sleeping :)

The Girls!

Chain of Events...

 When you cry this hard...
 You pass out.  And rest up so your sweet lil body can heal...
 So your oxygen saturation can be at 100%...
So you can go home for Christmas!! :D
 So...that cold resulted in Emory having some labored breathing (increasingly so through the night Monday, Dec 19th).  Took her in for a checkup and even though I was expecting them to say: "tylenol and rest" they actually said: "RSV, drive to be admitted to the Hemby Children's Wing at Presbyterian Main."  Talk about scaring me!!  It is actually standard procedure for anyone under 6 weeks who tests positive for RSV (which she did at her dr visit).  So we spent Tuesday 20th - Saturday (Christmas Eve) in the hospital.  Emory did very well. She actually seemed to be the exception to the rule for a couple days, but spiked a fever Thursday which resulted in our staying an additional 48 hrs and necessitating a gamet of tests to rule out other stuff.  This is usually what happens right away when babies this small (2 weeks) are admitted, but she was doing so great, they held off until that fever hit.  We actually think, based on some things we heard at the hospital, that it may have even been a faulty thermometer! Either way, better safe than sorry, for sure.  We were so appreciative of God's blessing of health~we were by far the most healthy patients on the wing.. so happy to leave that Christmas Eve morning, especially after seeing some of the other families that were unable to do that due to being in far worse situations.  Still..very scary and definitely earned a few gray hairs that week.  Praise the Lord for healing Emory and sustaining us during that time~like every day, right!! :D

I stayed the entire time (nursing, and of course I'm not going to leave our 2 week old there alone!! even if she'd been bottle-fed I would have stayed. OF COURSE.) and Josh was able to come up a lot thanks to Nana and MawMaw keeping the other two!! I missed them so much.  Can't really even write about it b/c I'm still emotional about it..let's just say: two weeks postpartum is Not the time to be separated from your hubby and kids!!

I was able to see Charlotte and Liam at dinner a couple of the nights and take them out on a pancake date that Wednesday :)

What happened while we were in the hospital...
 Nana brought over a lil Christmas tree for our 2011 Christmas!! Thanks again, Mom!!
 Emory received her first bouquet from a suitor!  Thanks, Harrison!!

 Pancake Date!!
 Sick, but Happy!!
 Visiting with Daddy.
Nasal Cannula finally off!! this picture is of her sweet face after the cannula was finally removed.

Dinner with the Knotts!!

Mike and Emily were gracious to bring us some delicious taco soup and chips and ice cream as a "new parents again" dinner!! They brought the food and everything but the kitchen table over to our new house!! This was during the 1st buyer possession (a two week time period where we had access to the house to paint and do a few projects before we moved in).  We were (as pictured) taping and painting the kitchen and dinette from green to beige. :)  The kids loved our picnic dinner!! Thanks again, friends!!

**also this evening included Liam dumping a coal from the fireplace on the den carpet, and all kids being either sick or getting ready to wake up sick**

My 6 am view after Emory's breakfast..

...view from the 8th floor of Camden Grandview

I couldn't pick one, sooo....